Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller, born in Munich in 1968, is one of the most important portrait photographers of the younger generation. After studying photography in Berlin at the renowned Lette-Verein and in Hamburg, he worked as Annie Leibovitz's assistant in New York for four years before starting his own career in 1996. He had his first solo exhibition in Germany at CAMERA WORK. Schoeller regularly works for acclaimed magazines such as »Rolling Stone«, »GQ«, »Esquire«, »VOGUE« or »Interview« and is, like Richard Avedon before him, editorial photographer for »The New Yorker«.

The fascinating photographs of well-known persons such as Cindy Sherman, Marc Jacobs, Emma Watson and Mark Zuckerberg, that Schoeller calls »Close-Ups«, make up a substantial part of his body of work. Through the unique images, the viewer comes closer to the person portrayed than even a personal meeting would allow. Always using the same technique, Schoeller measures the eye height of his subject and arranges the lens of his camera at the same level. Instead of a flash, he uses soft neon light, which is also the reason for the characteristic cat-like eyes of the people portrayed.

Equally as striking and exemplary for the style of Martin Schoeller are photographs like those from his series »Female Bodybuilders«: With a distinct working method without frills, Schoeller abstains from using retouching effects and depicts the bodybuilders at the height of their fitness level in an uncompromising, authentic, straight manner. Schoeller says about his work: »I try to capture the vulnerability that I can see and feel in the persons portrayed, to get through to the complex emotions behind the mask of extreme physical expression.«

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»Close Up« (CAMERA WORK, 2005)

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