Dean West
Our latest issue of the Journal showcases an interview with our artist Dean West, whose works elevate mundane moments into narratives that transcend the ordinary. Through meticulous staging and cinematic inspirations, Dean West invites viewers into a world where the subtle merges with the profound. In this conversation, we explore the inspiration behind Dean West's captivating creations, delving into recurring themes, the expressive role of color, and the painterly influences shapin ... more
Sebastian Copeland: A Travelogue
In 2010, I crossed the Greenland ice sheet from South to North on skis. Since then, I have returned to northern Greenland many times, exploring the sea ice and observing its melt cycles. I have forged friendships within the Inughuit community that have enabled me to travel to some of the most isolated settlements. Notably, I spent time in the tiny village of Qeqertat (population 12) where I documented the hunters' way of life. These trips taught me how climate change and the infiltration of west ... more
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