Herb Ritts

Within a very short time, Herb Ritts attained the legendary status of a fashion-, celebrity-, portrait- and nude photographer. His, at first, private pictures of a young, still relatively unknown Richard Gere, bursting of strength while changing a tire helped establish the photographer's career as icon photographer of the pop culture. After Gere had his international breakthrough with »Days of Heaven« in 1978, »Vogue« as well as »Mademoiselle« requested and published those pictures. The photographs were a sensation and were met with great enthusiasm due to their powerful aesthetic. This is said to have laid the foundation for his international career. Herb Ritts decidedly influenced the aesthetics of magazines such as »Vogue«, »Vanity Fair«, and »Interview« with his fashion productions of the 1980s and 1990s. His advertising campaigns for brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, and Gap were instantaneously memorable. But music videos for artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Shakira, and particularly Chris Isaak’s legendary video »Wicked Game«, too, belong to his unprecedented work.

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