Thomas Hoepker

Thomas Hoepker’s interest in photography developed early: Born in Munich in 1936, he already gained experience with this medium at the age of 14. During his studies he received two awards of the Photokina and worked as a regular photographer for magazines and book publications from 1959 on. He dedicated himself to photojournalism and later was interested in the moving picture, so he directed films and worked as a camera operator.  In 1974 as one of the first he went to East Berlin for the »Stern« where he temporarily worked as an art director.  As the first German photographer Hoepker became full member with the agency Magnum Photos in 1989 and managed the agency from 2003 to 2007 as president.  Hoepker’s photojournalistic work lead him to multitudinous slum areas. He avoided the bold exposure of the conditions what makes the ‘subtle picture’  the style-forming key of his pictorial language which is also known as »concerned photography«. Up until today the body of work of Thomas Hoepker has been presented in countless solo and group exhibitions. The artist lives and works in New York since 1976.



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