Olaf Heine

Olaf Heine was born in Hanover and is known for his detailed and carefully staged portraits of musicians, actors, writers and athletes. During Heine's architectural studies in Hanover, he already took photos for the album artwork of friends, whereas the album »Freedom Circus« mainly pushed the career of the band Terry Hoax. This sparked a new obsession in Heine and he soon moved to Berlin and began studying photography at the prestigious Berlin Lette-Verein. At the same time he continued to collaborate with musicians and artists, so that Heine's oeuvre now includes countless album covers, editorials and international advertising campaigns, as well as award-winning commercials and music videos. His photographic work has been published in the photo books »Leaving the Comfort Zone« (2008), »I Love You but I've Chosen Rock« (2010) and »Brazil« (2014) and has been on display at CAMERA WORK and the Museum Folkwang in Essen, among others. One of his most popular portraits is »Iggy Pop«, which was presented in the exhibition »CAMERA WORK rocks« at CAMERA WORK in 2013. In 2014, CWC GALLERY will present Olaf Heine's new series »Brazil« which shows the impressive culture, lifestyle and architecture of Brazil in stunning photographic works.


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Exhibitions at CWC GALLERY

»Brazil« (2014)


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