Yoram Roth

Yoram Roth

Yoram Roth (*1968 in Berlin) completed his photography studies at Fordham University in 1990. He has been making images his whole life, but did not commit to fine art photography until he left the USA and moved back to his hometown in 2007. He is the father of three sons, and continues to split his time between making art, building a photography collection, and leading a business in the photographic art world. Since 2011, Roth has been producing art based on fine art nude photography. In four series gathered under the title Nudes in Steel, he depicts male and female figures, printed on different paper and acrylics. By physically cropping the image and framing the various elements in steel, a layered version of the same image allows the viewer to focus on different parts of the composition. This marked the beginning of an increasingly sculptural approach to his work.



2018 · CWC GALLERY (Berlin)
2016 · CAMERA WORK Pop-up Gallery (Amsterdam)
2015 · CWC GALLERY (Berlin)

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