Yoram Roth

Whether using fine art photography, narrative sketches or photo book projects, Roth's artistic approach is strongly conceptual and requires a comprehensive, thorough and precise process in the preparation for each work. His style is conceived beyond the fleeting nature of spontaneous snapshots, whereby the conscious planning and conceptual development for the content and composition in the making of each image plays a significant role. The resulting form displays a high quality of fine arts prints relying on an intricate production process, which is evidenced by elaborate film sets, props, decorative elements, make up and hairstyling. Each of these elements is combined to represent the ideal narrative structure of his photographic style. The resulting images both reveal an intricate, multilayered design that is enhanced by ornamental details and iconographic references, while exploring an aesthetically complex dialogue between image and form. Through this process Roth utilizes design elements of fashion photography and narrative, which incite the viewer to make their own personal interpretation of the work by rendering them as active agents. Roth's narrative based photographic projects are also exhibited through the photo book medium. Roth lives and works in his hometown Berlin.

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Exhibitions at CWC GALLERY

»Personal Disclosure« (2015)
»Spatial Concepts« (2018)


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Showroom: Brutalism

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Showroom: Personal Disclosure

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Showroom: The Americans

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