Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw (*25.06, 1921, New York – † 26.01.1969) Citywas a renowned American photographer. He began his career as a fashion and advertising photographer for prestigious magazines such as LIFE and Harper’s Bazaar. Shaw was known for his innovative style and ability to capture celebrities and fashion uniquely.

His breakthrough came in 1959 when he had the opportunity to photograph Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy for LIFE. This work brought him international recognition and led to a close friendship with the Kennedys. Shaw became their unofficial family photographer, documenting important moments of their lives.

Mark Shaw also photographed other famous personalities of the 1950s, including Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Marlon Brando. His images were characterized by a certain intimacy and naturalness that portrayed his subjects in an authentic light.

His career ended prematurely when he unexpectedly passed away in 1969 at only 47. Mark Shaw left an impressive legacy in the world of photography.

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