Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Jean-Baptiste Huynh (*1966 in Châteauroux, France) developed an interest for photography as a teenager. Self-taught and determined, he learned the techniques of photographic development and printing and focused especially on light and lighting. Jean-Baptiste Huynh’s work encompasses landscapes, portraits and still life. Several high quality publications include Huynh’s extensive oeuvre, which has already been presented in many international exhibitions.

The photographs by Jean-Baptiste Huynh, mostly in square format, show exceptional portraits and minimalistic still lifes. Focused details present not only objects like polished japanese knives or antique chinese mirrors, but also expressive portraits of people from different regions of the world. A distinct clarity, precision and outstanding composition of his images generate that the photographs emanate an exceptionally pure and almost magical atmosphere. Reduced, but elaborately illuminated and enunciating the essential, Huynh gives his photographs their characteristic purism. Huynh skillfully combines natural and artificial light to achieve this effect. The condensed, powerful picture of objects and persons show Huynh’s careful, precise exploration of the subject. The artist works and lives in Paris.


2019 · Musée Guimet (Paris)
2013 · CWC GALLERY (Berlin)
2012 · Musée du Louvre (Paris)
2011 · CAMERA WORK (Berlin)
2010 · Casa Strozzi (Bologna)

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