Hans Feurer

Hans Feurer

Hans Feurer (1939-2024) worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and artistic director in Great Britain after completing his art studies in the 1960s. During a trip to South Africa in 1966, he developed a strong passion for photography, which he professionalized step by step. He made his international breakthrough in 1967. In addition, his work was published in leading magazines such as »Vogue«, »Numéro«, »Elle« and »Twen«. Up to this day, Hans Feurer works in fashion photography and travels to the most remote countries of the world.

The work of Hans Feurer is characterized by a balanced image space, creative concepts and a strong design regarding color. In combination with the tendency to provocative productions, Hans Feurer uses a particular photographic aesthetics, which has a high degree of recognition. The works do have a fascinating period atmosphere of color, which, depending on the decade, is particularly evident by the coloration and recurring stylistic features. Unlike other artists of his era who strove to create timeless works, Hans Feurer still pursues the artistic approach of locating fashion in a specific period of time – with all its characteristics. Thus, the works are also becoming contemporary testimonies in cultural history.


2017 · CAMERA WORK (Berlin)

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