Sebastian Copeland: »Antarctica« (Floor II)

Online: February 16 to May 19, 2021
List of works:

The exhibition »Antarctica« features 24 landscape photographs out of the striking body of work by award-winning photographer, environmental advocate, and polar explorer Sebastian Copeland. Captured in the most remote region of the world, several of the photographs are shown for the very first time. Copeland spent multiple seasons on and around Antarctica, notably crossing 4100 km of its barren landscape on skis. In 2020, Copeland was awarded with two Photographer of the Year awards, one from the IPA and the other from the TIFA, for his latest book, »Antarctica: The Waking Giant« (2020) published by Rizzoli last fall. After his exhibition at CAMERA WORK Gallery in 2018, Copeland received a Bambi award in the category »Our Earth«.

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