»Albert Watson: Isle of Skye« (Floor I)

Online: June 23 through August 25, 2022

The exhibition »Isle of Skye« by Albert Watson features 20 works from the series, which was created by Albert Watson in 2013. Also because of the intense engagement with his origins – Albert Watson was born in Edinburgh in Scotland – the series ranks among his most personal ones.

It took two years of planning before Watson was able to artistically explore the graceful landscape of the Isle of Skye for a total of six weeks in 2013. This creative process resulted in a visual narrative of the island’s monumental beauty and bears the unmistakable signature of Albert Watson’s mastery. The exclusively portrait and large formats, are impressionistic mirrors of the breathtaking grace of nature. Where human interventions in the landscape become visible, they blend into Watson’s pictorial compositions as harmonious accents.

For a full list with all exhibited works, please send us an email at sales@camerawork.de or call us at +49 (0)30 3100776.

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