Made in Berlin · 26.05.–25.08.2018

The exhibition »Made in Berlin« includes about 100 photographs of more than 20 artists who deal with the city of Berlin in their works. Architecture, famous personalities, and Berlin subculture: In each of their works, the artists present a microcosm of Berlin's contemporary history, that in their overall view creates an exciting, varied, and artful likeness of the city of Berlin.


Exhibited artists

Joachim Baldauf, Thomas Billhardt, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Anton Corbijn, David Drebin, Elliott Erwitt, F. C. Gundlach, Olaf Heine, Thomas Hoepker, David LaChapelle, Karlheinz Lubojanski, Oliver Mark, Will McBride, Ralph Mecke, Andreas Mühe, Jim Rakete, Lukas Roth, Martin Schoeller, Kristian Schuller, Christian Schulz, Alfred Steffen, Frank Thiel, Ellen von Unwerth, Ulrich Wüst


Price list

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