Tina Berning & Michelangelo Di Battista · 22.04.–16.09.2017

CWC GALLERY is pleased to present the exhibition »Me & I« by Tina Berning & Michelangelo Di Battista. After their sensational first exhibition at gallery CAMERA WORK in 2010, this is their second major exhibition. The show, structured in three main sections, includes more than 30 new works. All of them have never been exhibited before and are unique pieces. Tina Berning & Michelangelo Di Battista blur the boundaries between photography, drawing, painting and even art handicraft. Ignoring the computer's possibilities for manipulation, they combine their fields of work anachronistically in an analogue way: Michelangelo Di Battista's photographic works are complemented by Tina Berning's applications, comments, and paintings.

The exhibition is extended until September 16, 2017.

Price list

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