Ralph Mecke

Ralph Mecke, who was born in Berlin and lives in Paris and New York today, is a young master of fashion photography. The breakthrough for Mecke was the publishing of his portraits of intellectuals and cultural icons in French »Vogue«. The spectre of his portrait photographs ranges from celebrities like Giorgio Armani or Keira Knightley to Jonathan Meese. After he gained recognition as a portrait photographer, he increasingly turned towards fashion photography, which today represents his main objective. Ralph Mecke puts fashion in the limelight and construes it in a way that exposes the darker nature of things under the beautiful surface. The works uncover emotions and beauty as well as mysterious, sombre realities. His fashion spreads can be found regularly in magazines like »Harper's Bazaar«, »Vanity Fair«, »Vogue«, or »GQ«. While he is working, Mecke takes care in prioritising the feeling of unmediated impression. True beauty, as he says, »is, when something unexpected happens that gives the photograph raw, emotional power«. He is as fastidious when it comes to the final product. All the effects that he uses are being created in the studio – no digital manipulation is allowed.

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