Nikolai Makarov

Born in Moscow in 1952, Nikolai Makarov moved to East Berlin in 1975 to study German philology, history and Slavonic studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin while at the same time pursuing his artistic work. In 1984, he began to study in Vienna, being taught amongst others by Rudolf Hausner, one of the most influential artists of Psychic Realism. Until 1987, he worked on his cycle »Die späte Freiheit« [lit. »The late freedom«], which was highly approved in professional circles. After the German reunification, Nikolai Makarov was one of the first Russian artists to support the networking between artists in Berlin-Mitte, even opening his own art and culture club at Linienstrasse. In the early 1990s, Makarov achieved his breakthrough in the New York art scene and subsequently in the USA, since then his work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions, among them a show at the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow in 2010. While receiving acclaim for his artistic work in the USA, Nikolai Makarov also contributed to film productions. He was involved in the set design of »The Devil’s Advocate« and »The Thomas Crown Affair«, leading actors Al Pacino and Pierce Brosnan being among the collectors of his artwork.


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