Nadav Kander

Photographer Nadav Kander, born in Israel in 1962, has received numerous international awards such as the renowned Prix Pictet and the Lucie Award for the best international photographer in 2009. For many years, his photographs have been part of acclaimed collections, the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London among them. When portraying celebrities such as Alexander McQueen and David Beckham, Kander avoids any previous contact with the stars he photographs – a strategy that helps him to depict the moment of the first encounter and the process of getting to know someone during the shooting while also being able to react spontaneously to situations. This method creates unique shots that capture a part of the personality of the portrayed. Photographs of actors Benicio del Toro and Christopher Lee for instance emanate a cinematic atmosphere and show the celebrities appearing surprisingly vulnerable and lost. 

Kander is an expert in using mysterious imagery to draw the viewer in to the often uncanny atmosphere and to fascinate him, not only with his portraits, but also with photographs from series such as »God's Country« or »Colour Fields«: The surf of the Pacific Ocean or the journey through American suburbs encourage to think about how mankind has shaped landscapes and places such as these. Apart from a critique of civilization, the viewer also finds themes like loneliness and doubt negotiated in the often seemingly surreal images.

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Exhibitions at CAMERA WORK

Nadav Kander (2011)

Nadav Kander (2010)