Lukas Roth

The thematic scope of the works presented ranges from architectural to landscape and panoramic photographs, which span the period from 2002 until 2009. Lukas Roth uses a special technique, photographing individual elements of everyday places like train stations, streets, beaches or buildings, and later combining them and processing them into a single image. At first sight, the finished works, which are not photographs in the classic sense, seem to be idealistic depictions of familiar places. A trivial passageway at the train station Düsseldorf turns into a deep convergent view lined with perfectly spread out shops and billboards. The composition is determined by groups of passer-bys which have been digitally arranged. They undermine the artificiality of the image and thus seemingly emphasize the claim of being real. Only at closer inspection it becomes obvious that the sheer perfection of images such as »Gletscher« or »Walhalla« for reasons of perspective could not have been produced without interfering.

Interpretation and the challenging of perception are central motives in Lukas Roth's work. His images are »often exaggerated to be able to convey the atmosphere of the place«. Another reason for the surprising and uncanny effect that the viewer senses when looking at the images is that the artist uses classic analogue (large format) photography, yet distorts it through graphic digital processing. Thus, he radically frees the medium of photography from the dictum of being sworn to reality, at the same time enriching it with new forms of depiction. Roth takes the liberty to rearrange the display of the conditions that he finds, thus creating new, constructed and perfectly orchestrated spaces.

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