Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt was born in Paris in 1928, spent the first years of his life in Europe and emigrated with his family into the United States in 1939. He first studied photography and later film. As Erwitt drafted into the military service in 1951, he worked there as a photographic assistant. During this time he photographed, additionally to his military duties, for various publications. During one of his visits to New York, he met Edward Steichen, Robert Capa and Roy Stryker, who became important mentors. After he worked as a freelance photographer for »Life«,  »Look« or »Holiday« from 1950 to 1952, he joined the Magnum agency in 1954. In addition to his work as a photographer Elliott Erwitt has been also working as a filmmaker since the 1970s. In both genres his distinctive humor and his ability to visualize this poignant are reflected. Everyday moments in the life of humans and animals are captured in images that bear witness to a unique perception. The photographer combines in himself the ability to realize the same sensitivity both in a portrait of the grieving widow of Kennedy as well as in a reflection of the 1950s, by a racism disunited society of America. 2003 CAMERA WORK dedicated the award winning artist a solo exhibition. Elliott Erwitt's work is also shown worldwide in major museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute Chicago, at the Kunsthaus Zurich, the Centre Nationale de la Photographie in Paris and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

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Elliott Erwitt (2003)


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