Philipp Keel

Philipp Keel already started to develope a keen interest in visual arts in his early childhood. He met the medium of photography as a mean of artistic expression for the first time in his adolescence. After his education at the Berklee College of Music in Boston he founded a small advertising agency in Switzerland to ensure the independence of his work as an artist, before he studied directing at the Munich Academy for Television & Film. The following phase of his life spent in California shaped his artistic world sustainably. In this time, he established himself as an artist, filmmaker, author, wrote the bestseller »All about Me« and began to look into incorporating color into his photography.

The cooperation with the printer Don Weinstein, who collaborated with artists such as Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, opened Philipp Keel the opportunity of an experimental space where he could work on his own pictorial language. In the late 1990s, he developed the Imbue Prints with Epson – a typography that is used by many artists and which is also the basis for the personal claim of high quality paper, prints and frames. In addition to numerous exhibitions worldwide, Philipp Keel had a solo exhibition at Art Basel in 2001 where Imbue Prints were presented to the world for the first time. Since 1999, three high-quality photography books have been released – »Look at me«, »Color« and »ASIA – Images from an Imaginary Continent«. Philipp Keel lives out his artistic work in photography until today but also in other genres of fine arts such as painting or drawing. After the death of his mother, the painter Anna Keel, and his father, the publisher Daniel Keel, in 2012 he started to lead the Diogenes publishing house.

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»Splash« (2013)


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