Christian Tagliavini

Born in 1971, Christian Tagliavini was raised in Italy and Switzerland. His career as an architect and designer also influences his career as an artist to invent, create and produce works. His pieces of art are not only pictures but complex designed narrations for which Christian Tagliavini produces all objects by himself: from the interieur to the clothings of the portrayed persons. With this unique feature in the world of photo art he is considered to be a »photographic craftsman«. His series »1503« (2010) and »Carte« (2012) have been part of international exhibitions and are sought-after body of works on the art market – several works were sold out shortly after they had been released and are part of prestigious collections today. Christian Tagliavini works and lives in Switzerland.

The 2014 released series »Voyages Extraordinaires« by Christian Tagliavini is an hommage by the artist to one of the most prominent authors of the 19th century: Jules Verne. Over a timespan of more than 18 months, with full of passion Christian Tagliavini created the series »Voyages Extraordinaires«, which visually quotes three of the most successful novels by Jules Verne: »Journey to the Center of the Earth« (1864), »From the Earth to the Moon« (1865) and »Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea« (1869). In emotional sceneries and touching portraits, Christian Tagliavini connects his characteristic visual language with the Jules-Vernesque science fiction.


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Voyages Extraordinaires


1503 · Carte


Exhibition · CWC GALLERY · 2013